The Department of Social Development undertook an internal evaluation of the preemployability modules In Motion and Momentum in 2017-2018 year in order to identify the extent of the effect they are having on employability of S.A. clients. The modules were developed for the Department by the Canadian Career Development Foundation in 2014 and specifically targeted pre-employability barriers of S.A. clients.

The purpose of this evaluation was to examine whether the modules produce the intended effect and determine its duration, as well as to assess the model fidelity and consistency of its implementation across the province to inform potential adjustments. The evaluation covered a period of two first years since the implementation of the modules (2015-2016 and 2016-2017). The evaluation used qualitative and quantitative data. Two cites (one in rural and one in urban region) were selected to study the module’s impact on the participants and its duration. In addition, electronic surveys were conducted with Case Managers (n=56) and modules’ Facilitators (n=14) across the province.