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  • IM&M+ Made Me a Better Facilitator

    This experience has made me a better facilitator and a better person because of what I was able to be involved in and witness.

    Cindy Leggot, IM&M+ Facilitator, Regina Work Preparation Centre, Inc.

IM&M+ welcomes the addition of new partners through its licensing program. Licensing the program ensures that those facilitating it gain the training and onboarding to have comfort in delivery and it provides the licensing organization with an assurance that IM&M+ will be delivered with fidelity and consistency in impact. Licensing requirements:

  • A signed licensing agreement between your organization and the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) -- the organization behind the creation and implementation of IM&M+
  • Payment of the annual licensing fee and purchase of a training seat for each staff member being certified to deliver the program
  • Resumes of each trainee indicating that they meet the facilitator competency requirements.

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Certified IM&M+ Facilitator Training

Like IM&M+, the training is highly experiential and mirrors its module themes. It explores:

  • the theoretical underpinnings of the program,
  • supports facilitators in gaining knowledge and becoming comfortable with the content, format and purpose of the program,
  • connects those in training with the broader IM&M+ Community of Practice.

The training supports sustainable delivery capacity in organizations.


To become certified [1], facilitators must complete:  

  • 5 hours of pre-work consisting of the Trauma Informed Career Development Practice micro-course, a review of the program's goals, module and activity descriptions
  • A 5-day  training course remote delivery and complete pre-and-post-course readings
  • 10 1-hour weekly check-ins with CCDF Master Trainers during the first delivery of the program
  • Successful completion of their first delivery 

[1] Facilitator certification remains at the discretion of CCDF. It is highly recommended that facilitators have Mental Health First Aid and ASSIST training. 

Program Delivery Support is Our Middle Name!

Licensees and their IM&M+ certified facilitators can expect plenty of support in delivering IM&M+. Certified facilitators of licensed organizations will have exclusive access to the IM&M+ Community of Practice (CoP), a private online space created for certified facilitators to access everything they need to deliver IM&M+ successfully. Here, they will find:

  • IM&M+ Facilitator Manuals and Participant Workbooks
  • A Virtual Delivery Kit which contains everything facilitators need to deliver IM&M+ remotely, including module PowerPoints, Mentimeter templates, google drive folders and more
  • Branded marketing and recruitment material
  • Events scheduling tool to schedule Check-in sessions
  • A vast support network of experienced IM&M+ Certified facilitators sharing best practices and delivery experiences

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