Becoming Part of the IM&M+ Community

Our mission is to help organizations across Canada (and beyond) deliver IM&M+. To do this, our evidence-informed licensing program has been carefully crafted to ensure that those facilitating the program feel that they are well-supported, connected to a caring professional community and able to deliver the program with fidelity and consistency in outcome. 

Meet Your Goals, Train Your Team, & Support the Success of the People You Serve

IM&M+ Licensing Details

Only licensed Community Partners can deliver the IM&M+ program. The license is renewable on an annual basis provided that the organization has certified IM&M+ facilitators delivering the program. As part of the licensing agreement, participant evaluations are required after every program delivery.

Agreement and Annual Fee

The base annual license fee for the IM&M+ program is $1,500. The base rate is for up to 50 participants per year. The licensing rate for:

+ 51-100 participants is $2,500
+ 101-150 participants is $3,000
+ 151-200 participants is $3,200

For licenses beyond this, please contact us.

Facilitator Training Fee

Training seats are $2,200 for each staff member being trained to deliver the program. This one-time facilitator training fee includes a 5-day remote training course and evaluation essential for certification. The training can be delivered face-to-face where travel and facilities are paid by the licensee.

“This experience has also made me a better facilitator and a better person because of what I was able to be involved in and witness.”

Cindy Leggot, IM&M+ Facilitator - Regina Work Preparation Centre Inc. 

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IM&M+ Facilitator Training 

Like the IM&M+ program, the training to become a facilitator is highly experiential and mirrors its module themes.

The IM&M Facilitator Training explores
  • The theory that underpins the the program
  • Supporting facilitators in gaining knowledge and becoming comfortable with the content, format and purpose of the program
  • Connecting those in training with the broader IM&M+ Community of Practice
Certification to become an IM&M+ facilitator includes:
  • Five hours of pre-work consisting of the Trauma Informed Career Development Practice micro-course, a review of the program’s goals, modules and activity descriptions
  • A 5-day remote training course and complete pre-and-post-course readings
  • Ten 1-hour weekly check-ins with CCDF Master Trainers during the first delivery of the program
  • Successful completion of an IM&M+ delivery
IM&M+ certified facilitators receive extensive support in
delivering the IM&M+ program, including:
  • Facilitator manuals and participant workbooks for the program modules
  • Virtual delivery templates
  • Branded marketing and recruitment materials
  • An online community of practice portal where a vast support network of experienced IM&M+ certified facilitators share best practices and delivery experiences