For nearly a decade, IM&M+ has transformed lives and communities across Canada.

IM&M+pact Highlights

“IM&M+’s impact on the people we support has been amazing. They’re goal-setting, motivated, and doing things they never imagined they could do. It is transformational to see the difference in each individual and how they feel that they can now start taking over the world.”

~ Trish McNamara, Program Manager, Keys Job Centre, Gananoque, Ontario

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Check out our library of research reports, testimonials, media releases and policy briefs.

IM&M+ has been building its evidence base for nearly 10 years. It has been evaluated by:

In Motion & Momentum+ Interim Evidence Report

This report shares interim findings from the randomized controlled trial of IM&M+.

CCDF Report on “Spin Cycle” in Employment Services

Addressing the “Spin Cycle” in employment services across Canada.

In Motion and Momentum Modules Evaluation

Report from Integrated Planning, Reporting and Accountability Branch.

OCWI In Motion and Momentum Research Report

Blueprint ADE in an Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation three pilot site project

Evaluation of the In Motion & Momentum+ Program

The Future Skills Centre impact study with 27 sites across 6 provinces.

IM&M+ participants, facilitators, and community partners have voluntarily offered testimonials as to the impact that the program has had. We have also had the opportunity to interview participants and facilitators about the program to create a series of case studies that speak to the life changing impacts of the program. 

Several media mentions have profiled the impact of IM&M+ and its potential to support career development in Canada. 

Contact us if you are interested in doing a story about IM&M+’s impact in your community.

Below are policy briefs summarizing the research on the IM&M+ and on a recent study on the need for pre-employment programming in Canada.  Full reports connected to these briefs can be accessed by clicking on the Research Report tab.