Impact & Results


Since IM&M+’s province-wide introduction in New Brunswick in 2014, 2,200 people are no longer on social assistance.  Conservatively, that is a 15-to-20-million-dollar savings for the government over a seven-year period.

The New Brunswick Government’s analysis of 3-years of province-wide delivery of IM&M+ shows compelling evidence that participants move more effectively through the service system toward employment and that it breaks cycles of dependence on social assistance (IM&M Evaluation Report, 2018).

The ON Centre for Workforce Innovation’s (OCWI) evaluation of IM&M+ pilots echo these findings, showing significant changes in career goal clarity and perceived ability to overcome barriers to career goals.

  • Almost 40% of participants in the OCWI pilots were employed or in education 2-3 months after the program;
  • 31% were employed and 80% of those had found permanent positions.
  • Almost all participants (88%) were addressing employability needs through employment services (69%), housing supports (56%) and/or mental health services (25%).
Career Clarity
  • Instrumental In Igniting the Internal Motivation of Thousands of People in NB

    In Motion and Momentum+ In New Brunswick

    We are extremely proud at the New Brunswick Department of Social Development to have partnered with CCDF in the creation of the IM&M+ modules. The concept was created by front line staff to address a severe need that nobody seemed to have an answer for. How do we help people with multiple barriers light that internal flame of belief, confidence and hope for a better future and build a stable foundation for employment? We are so happy to have risked doing something completely different. We decided to provide people with a chance to participate in an experiential, hands on learning process that met them where they were, and addressed their current needs, instead of pushing them toward employment or other programming that they weren’t ready for. We wanted to provide a safe welcoming space for people to explore and grow.

    The program has been instrumental in igniting the internal motivation of thousands of people in NB to pursue a plan to improve their lives. It creates a strong foundation for employability by solidifying key components  of readiness, most importantly a belief that one can have a direct positive impact on their future. So many lives have been transformed! It has been a joy to watch people start the program in their shell and see them emerge with so much more pride, confidence and belief in self. The stories have brought many tears of joy and pride as we witness these transformations.

    Now we are so proud to have CCDF share the program across the country to improve the quality of life of so many marginalized people. We hope our valued partners at CCDF continue to shine a bright light on IM&M+ through their continuing research and roll out of the program.

    Keith McCarthy, Case Management Consultant, Dept. of Social Development, Fredericton


In Motion Results

IM&M+ demonstrated improved participant psycho-social health outcomes (i.e., self-esteem, self-efficacy, locus of control, motivation, resilience, positive building, accessing resources, networks and allies, belonging/mattering) and foundational career management skills (i.e., self-awareness, skills and strengths identification, goal setting and achieving, vision for the future).

To date, IM&M+ has been transformative for its participants, their families and communities.

It has helped thousands of people move forward in their lives and careers.

Participant Outcomes

Gains In Social Supports for Momentum

53% showed overall gains in self-reported levels of social support

  • 40% felt more like there were people they knew who would help them if they needed it 
  • 47% felt more like they had a trustworthy person to turn to if they had problems 
  • 53% felt like there were people in their life who understood them and supported their goals 

Gains in Well-Being For Momentum

93% showed gains on at least one of these aspects of well being:

  • 33% felt positive about the future more positive;
  • 47% felt discouraged about how things were going in their life less often
  • 47% felt nervous or anxious less often
  • 67% felt unmotivated or like they didn't have more energy less often
circle of motion
  • I Repeatedly Hear of Increased Confidence

    When I chat with participants I repeatedly hear of increased confidence or a positive feeling of knowing they are able to make better decisions for themselves. 

    Cindy Leggot, IM&M+ Facilitator, Regina Work Preparation Centre, Inc